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Did you try to study Polish with on-line recourses but still feel a bit lost? Are you looking for a Polish tutor who could guide you through the process of learning a new language?

Individual classes could be a great choice, especially if you don’t have time or opportunity to attend regular courses.

I conduct both on-line and face-to-face classes for companies and individual clients.

If you are interested in booking a Polish class with me, please send an e-mail to:

What do I offer?

Super individual approach and materials adjusted to your current level [A0 – C2], interests and learning objectives.
Time flexibility. We will set up the classes when it suits you best.
Creativity and fun because I know that… adults just wanna have fun!
Loads of patience. I don’t mind explaining something for one hundred and twenty-first time if that’s what you need.

How much does it cost?

60 minutes class

60 PLN / 15 EUR

90 minutes class

80 PLN / 20 EUR

As soon as you learn the basics and start to feel comfortable with Polish, we will try to use it as much as possible during our classes.

In case you are a complete beginner or you feel lost with grammar explanations only in Polish, I can easily explain everything in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Still not convinced if an on-line class would be a good choice?

No worries! I will guide you through the whole process and I will show you some tips and tricks that will make your on-line learning easier and more effective.

We will use the applications you prefer and find comfortable for you (Skype, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Messenger, etc.).