About me

You are probably curious what I do apart from hunting crocodiles. Well, for sure not h(o)unting my students. I can be impatient and choleric at times but when I teach, I turn into the mildest creature on Earth. I am telling you!

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9 boring facts about me

that you’ll find on LinkedIn:

  1. My name is Dagmara Knyć.
  2. I was born in Poland and I am a native Polish speaker.
  3. I am fluent in English, Spanish and European Portuguese.
  4. I currently live and work in Silesia – a beautiful industrial region of southern Poland.
  5. I spent almost two years living in Spain and one year living in Portugal.
  6. I hold an M.A. degree in Spanish Philology (Translation and Interpretation Studies) awarded by the University of Silesia.
  7. I am a certified teacher of Polish as a foreign language.
  8. I completed a post-graduate course in E-learning Design and Implementation at the Tischner European University in Cracow.
  9. I am an entrepreneur but I have an experience of working in corporation and non-governmental organisations.

19 funny facts about me

you won’t find anywhere else:

  1. I love animals. All of them. And I really don’t mind if your bring your hamster to our Polish class.
  2. If I had farm, I would bread Highland cows. Cutie-pies! That fringe makes my heart melt.
  3. I am totally addicted to podcasts.
  4. I have always wanted to become a minimalist but it has never happened.
  5. My kitchen cupboard is full of cups. I love cups. I need a different cup for every drink.
  6. I think that hell is a place where you can use only one cup.
  7. I could spend a fortune in stationery shops. I love notebooks. I have a different notebook for everything.
  8. I think that hell is a place where you can use only one notebook.
  9. I am an intermediate ukulele player. Are you up for a little gig?
  10. I want to play banjo. And cajón. And mouth-organ. And…
  11. If I were brave, I would like to try… busking! I love to sing but singing in public is totally freaking me out.
  12. My dream job is… being an eternal student. If somebody was paying me for studying and taking exams, I would be filthy rich.
  13. I am an owl. I get the best ideas around 2:00 am.
  14. I am an ambivert.
  15. I think that remote job is cool and I wouldn’t mind to become a digital nomad or… a digital expat.
  16. I really like Silesia and for some reason I can’t explain (I know Saint Peter won’t call… oh, wait!) it’s always been easier for me to move to another country than to move to another region of Poland.
  17. While talking to my family I never speak Polish but Silesian.
  18. When I am abroad people can never guess my nationality judging by my looks or accent.
  19. According to the CliftonStrenghts assessment test my top five qualities are: input, strategic, learner, intellection and achiever. I want to believe it’s true.