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Welcome to Polish Crocodile

- a place where we domesticate beasts

Well, actually a one, really wild and scary beast called… Polish language!

No matter if you are an experienced hunter wading through a heavy brush of conjugation and declension rules, or if you are just about to make your first step into the unknown. No matter if you came here in search of a language survival kit or if you are a freaky polyglot heading for their next trophy.

This place is for you.

It’s a place designed to learn, explore and experiment. And last but absolutely not least – it’s a place to have fun!

So… are you up for a little adventure?

About me

My name is Dagmara Knyć. I am a linguist, learning addict and e-learning specialist. Since 2015 I am also a certified teacher of Polish as a foreign language.

I hope that together with me and my learning materials you’ll finally take your Polish to a bloody good level!

Sounds cool!

Where to find the materials?

Well, they like to hide in the deepest recesses of the internet, so make sure you check out regularly my:

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